See Why Now is a Great Time for a DaVinci Roof

A DaVinci roof is truly an investment in any home, but one that more than pays for itself.


The Rooferees share the top reasons that a DaVinci roof installed by the Rooferees at Weatherguard Inc. is the best investment you can make in your home:

  1. Unlike asphalt roofs, DaVinci roofs can be installed during colder weather, making now a perfect time to order your new roof.
  2. DaVinci roofs comes with a lifetime limited material warranty, and every DaVinci roof that the Rooferees install comes with a 5-year workmanship warranty!
  3. DaVinci roofing materials are made of 100% polymer that is resistant to wind and hail resistant, so no worries about storm damage!
  4. Davinci offers more than 50 standard color options to choose from, and the Rooferees are experts at mixing color combinations to perfectly complement the color and style of any home!
  5. Save big time on your homeowners insurance policy. Some annual premiums can be reduced by up to 50%.
  6. Weatherguard Inc. has installed more DaVinci roofs than any other roofing company in the country, and we are certified through DaVinci with the American Institute of Architects, so you know you are getting the best!

If you are a designer, architect, or builder, NOW is a great time to learn more about the benefits of a DaVinci roof. Call us today to schedule a Lunch & Learn to learn more about a DaVinci roof installed by Weatherguard Inc.

The Rooferees at Weatherguard Inc. can help you choose and install the perfect DaVinci roof on your home now!