Weatherguard is the DaVinci Expert for Professionals

It’s winter in Nebraska, but here at Weatherguard, Inc. we are not just sitting around, waiting for the Spring or the next storm to hit. We have been busy ordering materials and scheduling projects for Spring.

Trent, Vice President of Business Development, has been particularly busy. Trent recently completed the accreditation process with the American Institute of Architecture (AIA). Trent is extremely knowledgeable in various roofing materials, but his area of expertise is the design advantages of synthetic roofing by Davinci.


For the last several week, Trent has kept busy educating architects, designers and builders DaVinci roofing materials and the benefits of including a DaVinci roof in blueprints for residential or commercial builds or remodels. The one hour presentation includes photos of local projects, including the Arts & Sciences building on the UNO campus,  as well as product samples. DaVinci roofscapes are available in more than 50 colors, and a variety of sizes.

Trent also highlights the qualities that make DaVinci materials superior to traditional shake shingles, including their ability to withstand fire and hail, leading to benefits and savings when it comes time to insure the structure. DaVinci materials are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, weather and UV exposure better than traditional roofing materials, adding to their investment value.

Architects, designers and builders in the Omaha area have been sharing this valuable information about DaVinci roofs to their clients, and Weatherguard is looking forward to a busy Spring and Summer. If you and your team of builders or architects would like to learn more, contact Trent at or 402-557-5714 to schedule a presentation at your office – he will bring the coffee or lunch!