Have You Recovered From the Storm?

The National Weather Service reported that the storm that hit Omaha shortly a few weeks ago included 96 mph straight-line winds, leaving power outages – and lots of damage – in its wake.

Drive just about anywhere in Omaha and you can see startling damage to trees due to the strong winds. The record winds also left significant damage to roofs, siding, and gutters on homes and businesses across the city.

Hail is often responsible for significant property damage in storms. But in this case, the winds were primarily responsible for the damage. Missing shingles and pieces of sidings and gutters are common problems. We have received hundreds of calls from homeowners with damaged siding, roofs and gutters on their homes and businesses.

If you have damage to the roof, siding, or gutters on your home, it is worth repeating that you should avoid storm chasers. Storm Chasers are roofing companies that show up in town following significant storms, do quick repair work, and leave town to follow the next storm. They will not be here if you need help after the job is done, and often complete lower quality work at a higher price.

Roofing and siding supplies were already in high demand before this storm hit, so if you have damage, do not wait to make a call. Call the Rooferees now to secure pricing for the supplies you need, and schedule the repairs you need.