A Message to our Clients

The economy is recovering at an accelerating rate, with demand outpacing raw material supply. The Rooferees have worked very hard to shield our customers from the deteriorating supply environment, but we have reached a point where we can no longer absorb the resulting cost increases, and we must pass along a portion to our customers.

Therefore, we will share a measure of these cost challenges with our customers through a price adjustment to our open orders through the end of 2021. We are doing everything we can to keep these increases at a minimum.

Unlike some other materials, prices for roofing materials never decline. We encourage you to order your new roof now and the Rooferees will hold the price and material for the time negotiated. We anticipate material costs will increase dramatically next year, beyond our control.

We require no money down to secure your order. Do not wait for a storm to replace your wood shake roof as insurance companies have become less lenient than they were in the past. Unless we have a significant storm, with baseball-size hail, it is unlikely insurance companies will cover costs to replace your roof.

Don’t wait – contact the Rooferees now to order your new roof!