The Winter Months Are Busy for the Rooferees!

Late winter is definitely not a slow time for the Rooferees…the weather might limit some outdoor projects, but these are busy days for us!

In addition to ordering supplies and developing a schedule for an upcoming busy season, the Rooferees have been staying very active in the community this Winter.

Trent Lovewell, vice president of business development, keeps a full schedule of Lunch & Learn events with our vendors and partners. These are great opportunities to connect, share information about new trends and products, and coordinate efforts for the busy season.

The colder months have also allowed us time to devote energy and time to supporting local organizations that are important to us. You can find us supporting nonprofits, schools, and churches, including Heartland Family Services, several private area high schools including Duchesne Academy, Mercy, Creighton Prep, and Roncalli, numerous church bulletins, and youth sports activities at UBT and the JCC.

The Rooferees believe strongly in giving back to schools and organizations that share our commitment to serving youth and improving our community.