No Hail Sale!

Does your home need a new roof? Maybe you’ve been putting it off, hoping for a hail storm to damage your roof so you can file an insurance claim?

The Rooferees have some advice – Don’t wait for the hail!

A damaged or old roof in need of replacement is not fully protecting your home from rain and snow, and you could be causing more costly damage by putting off a replacement roof. Exposed decking can become damaged by rain, leading to further damage underneath.

Not to mention that missing, brittle or peeling shingles detract from the attractiveness and curb appeal of your home. And if you are considering selling your home, an old or damaged roof will certainly impact the value, and potentially risk the sale, of your home.

And waiting for a hail storm could be less productive than watching a pot boil. Even if there is a hail storm in the area, there’s certainly no guarantee your roof will be damaged. And depending on how bad its condition is, your insurance company may deny full coverage of a replacement.

The Rooferees want to make your decision easier with the No Hail Sale. Order a new Davinci roof now through June 1, 2020 and save 20% on materials. Plus, with your order you will be entered into a drawing to save $20,000 toward a new DaVinci roof.

Homeowners not only love Davinci roofs for the many benefits they provide  – durability, weather and fire resistant, etc. – but they also love them because of how much a DaVinci roof improves the overall look and curb appeal of a home! DaVinci roof materials are polymer and unlike shake shingles, they are resistant to moisture, mildew and hail. And every DaVinci roof has a lifetime warranty.

If you have been waiting for a hail storm, don’t wait any longer – call the Rooferees today. We will help you choose from more than 50 colors combinations and you’ll be amazed at how it will transform your home!