Get Ready for the Freeze

We have been enjoying a very pleasant Fall, but the forecast is calling for record cold temperatures and the first hard freeze of the season.

The extreme cold might have caught us off guard, and unprepared for the Winter. The Rooferees have suggestions for quick things you can do around your home to avoid issues from the cold.

Check Roof, Gutters, and Downspouts

  • Check your roof and replace worn or missing roof shingles or tiles.
  • Clean out your gutters and use a hose to spray water down the downspouts to clear away debris.
  • Consider installing leaf guards on the gutters or extensions on the downspouts to direct water away from the home.
  • Check the roof and around joints, vents, skylights, and chimneys for leaks.
  • Clear leaves and debris from the drainpipes and make sure they drain away from the house.
  • Make sure gutters and downspouts are properly fastened.

Don’t Forget Sprinkler Systems and Hoses

  • Disconnect hoses on the exterior of the home to avoid frozen pipes
  • Cover water spigots to prevent cold air entering.
  • Have your sprinkler system professionally blown out and drained for the season.
  • If you can’t have your sprinkler system professionally drained, follow these tips from our friends at Millard Sprinkler to drain your system yourself.

It doesn’t look like Winter temperatures are here to stay, the forecast has warmer temperatures by the end of the week. But these precautions can help you avoid costly repairs.

Check back for more tips from the Rooferees for winterizing your home. Stay warm!