Weatherguard Installs Flat Roofs


Summer is a good time for a new roof – especially for a school! We have had a busy summer replacing roofs across the area, including the roof at Emerson Hubbard Elementary School in Emerson, NE.

IMG_0242  IMG_0306

We replaced the flat roof on the school building before the school year started, which was ideal. The challenges with flat roofs that differ from sloped roofs primarily center around water drainage. A proper drainage system and routine maintenance to remove leaves, sticks and debris are necessary to prevent leaking and water damage.IMG_0307

Weatherguard Inc. has been a Firestone approved flat roof contractor since 2011. We specialize in EPDM roofing for residential and commercial flat roofs, including the roof we recently installed at the Cloisters on the Platte.






If you have a flat roof, call the Rooferees at Weatherguard Inc. We can inspect your roof for any leaks or problems and consult with you about how long you can expect your flat roof to last.