Time to Clean out the Gutters!

This week’s early snowstorm should serve as a reminder to all of us – winter is coming!

clogged guttersThe temperatures will rebound and hopefully we will have seasonal weather which will allow us to clean the leaves off the lawns and out of the gutters!

As the leaves fall and the winds blow, your yard fills with leaves. If there are leaves on the ground, there is a good chance there are leaves in your gutters as well. Through the summer and fall, leaves, pine needles and seeds collect in the gutters, and if left they can cause serious damage when winter weather comes.

Here are some things to keep in mind about gutters.

  • Gutters are designed to allow water to run down to downspouts and drain away from the house and foundation. Clogged gutters can’t drain water properly, causing the rain water or melted snow to spill over and run down the siding of the home. Misdirected water will eventually create cracks in siding and foundation, allowing water to make its way into the home, which can cause significant problems including mold and foundation weakening.
  • When water can’t drain out of clogged gutters, stagnant water collects and attracts insects and pests. Trapped water will eventually lead to rust in your gutters, particularly around screws and joints, and holes will form leading to improper draining.
  • Trapped water in gutters can will freeze and turn to ice when the temperatures drop below freezing. Frozen gutters become heavy and can pull away from the house, damaging the roof and siding of your home. Ice jams or backups in frozen gutters can cause significant damage to your roof and water damage inside the house.

Take advantage of warmer days in the coming weeks to clean your gutters now to avoid problems this winter.

If your gutters have been damaged and need to be replaced, call the Rooferees today!