The Rooferees—making an impression on and off the court.

If you ever wondered why we call ourselves the Rooferees—look no further than this recent article from Sports Illustrated. That’s right folks, our very own—John Higgins—doubles as the highly-sought after college basketball referee.

Be it on the court or up on your roof, John sees it all and gets the calls right. It takes a practiced eye to know what to watch for on the court, and the same is true for your roof. From repairs to replacements, the Rooferees are ready to assist in getting your home ready for the next season. Luckily for us, the college basketball season winds down right as roofing season picks up, freeing up John to jump back into the daily roofing grind.

John Higgins and Trent Lovewell have operated John Higgins Weatherguard for over 30 years. Regardless of what season it is, you can always give us a call to discuss your next roofing project.