Safely Taking Down the Christmas Lights

The holidays are over, but if you drive around town, you’ll likely still see Christmas lights on plenty of homes.

Despite the work, hanging lights and decorating for the holidays is festive and fun, and gets you in the spirit of the holidays. But much like taking down the tree and the stockings insides, it’s less fun to take down outdoor lights after the holidays. Not to mention it’s colder now than it was when you put them up!

removing lights

The Rooferees advise that you not rush to take down the lights. Here are a few tips to ensure you remove them safely and avoid damage to your roof and gutters!

  1. If you need to get on a ladder or the roof to remove the lights, wait for better weather. Do not climb on a roof that is covered in ice or snow! Leaving the lights up a little longer won’t damage the lights, simply unplug them or turn them off, and wait for a warmer, sunny day!
  2. Don’t try pulling the lights down! We understand it is cold and you don’t want to be outside for long, but pulling lights to remove them from the clips can damage the shingles, gutters or siding. Take your time!
  3. If all else fails, hire someone to remove the lights for you!

Slow down and take the time to correctly and carefully remove the lights. Not only will it preserve your decorations for next year, but it will help avoid damage to your home!