Rooferees Pitch in to Help After Hurricane Ida

The Rooferees of John Higgins Weatherguard were among several businesses that answered to the call to help Louisiana residents impacts by Hurricane Ida. We’d like to thank the Omaha Stormchasers for including Weatherguard Inc. in this effort.

Weatherguard Inc. responded to the request for help by donating a pallet of Rockwall insulation. Hurricanes can be particularly destructive to roofs of homes and structures, and it is critical to repair or replace a damaged roof quickly so further repairs can be made to the rest of the building.

The donation was part of a truckload of materials that left shortly after the devastating storm hit the Gulf region to help residents begin the rebuilding process.

The news stories about Hurricane Ida have ended, but the people who suffered property damage in this monumental storm will be left picking up the pieces for a long time. So many homes were left uninhabitable after the storm, and it takes the efforts of hundreds of businesses from far away to pitch in and help them get back to their homes. The Rooferees were proud to do our part to help!