Rooferees Partnership with UBT

The Rooferees are excited to continue their partnership with UBT Sports Complex. If you are at the complex for a volleyball or basketball game, you will see banners and signs showing that Weatherguard Inc. joins other local businesses as a sponsor supporting the youth sports complex.

We have partnered with UBT Sports Complex since they opened. And John has spoken to players and parents about the importance of good sportsmanship.

The Rooferees have been sharing a message of sportsmanship, respect, and integrity because we built our company on these values. We believe these principles are just as important OFF the court as they are ON the court.

We treat each of our customers with respect, honestly and integrity. You can trust that you will be treated fairly by the Rooferees.

Sometimes the competitive environment can get hyper energetic and we believe it is important for players and fans to be reminded of the importance of good sportsmanship and respect for players, fans, and officials. UBT Sports Complex is committed to keeping athletics fun, entertaining and character-building activities, so we value this partnership with them!