Reduce Energy Loss from your Roof this Winter

Winter is here, and with it comes rising energy costs. In fact, MUD estimates that homeowners in the Metro area will pay an average of 17-18% more on their natural gas bill this Winter. Coupled with inflation, and rising costs for most everything, this has many homeowners feeling nervous about heating costs.

Much of the energy lost from a home during the Winter is in the form of heat. A lot of that heat is escaping your home through the roof. And because hot air rises, this can be a costly problem.

According to the Rooferees, you can easily determine if heat is escaping your home through the roof by examining it after a freeze. Look for spots where there is no frost – this is where energy is escaping your home.

Proper insulation in your roof and ceiling area is the most effective to prevent energy loss. If your attic is not vented to the home HVAC system, make sure that the ceiling between the living space and the attic is properly insulated. Seal gaps and cracks in the ceiling and around windows and doors.

Finally, the Rooferees recommend homeowners check rooftop soffit and exhaust vents to make sure they are properly working. They can become plugged with leaves and debris over the Summer and Fall, which prevent proper air flow.

Follow these tips to keep your home warm and reduce energy loss this Winter. And as always, call the Rooferees with any questions.