In Case You Missed It

Trent Lovewell, vice president of business development for Weatherguard Inc., was invited to participate in a live webinar this week for DaVinci.

Trent was interviewed with DaVinci Central Regional Manager, Aaron Adams by Roofer’s Coffee Shop in a segment called Withstand the Next Storm. They discussed the resilience and durability of DaVinci roofing materials, and their ability to withstand even the strongest Midwest storms.

Weatherguard Inc. is the #1 DaVinci installer in the U.S. We install more DaVinci roofs than any other installer, and we are proud to stand behind their products.

Here is a link to the webinar if missed it and would like to learn more about DaVinci roofs and how the Rooferees can help you deal with insurance claims if your roof is damaged in a storm.