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  • If the forecast for heavy rain this weekend is correct, homeowners need to act now to make sure the rain is able to drain through downspouts.

    buried downspout 2If downspouts on your home are covered in snow they won’t be able to properly drain. The rain will melt some of the ice in the gutters, but the downspouts  on your home are probably packed with snow and ice. Blocked downspouts that fill with rain will have nowhere to drain, causing the water to back up, eventually coming into your home. This is definitely something you want to avoid!

    buried downspout 3

    Remove the snow that is burying your downspouts now before the rain starts. Check the bottom of your downspouts now and use a small shovel or garden tool to chip it out the ice and snow in order to allow the water to flow.

    downspout ice

    We’ve all been feeling like this winter is never going to end. After this week’s latest round of snow, more than 52 inches have fallen in the Omaha metro area this season, making it a top 10 year for snowfall amounts! Rain in the forecast is a good sign that temperatures are on the rise because the precipitation will be rain not snow, but it could pose some problems if you don’t take these precautions.

    Take a few minutes now to prepare – it could save you a big headache this weekend!