Give Your Home Some TLC

We’ve all spent some extra time at home in recent months.

Perhaps the extra time has helped you develop a new appreciation for your home. Your home has served as a safe place to stay, work and learn, and spend time connecting with family. Home is your sanctuary.

Many of us have taken advantage of the time to tackle indoor projects, or spruce up the yard. Now is a great time to head outside and give a little TLC to the exterior of your home.

Instead of repainting, consider investing in new siding for your home. Siding is low maintenance and looks great for years.

Take a good look at your gutters if it’s been a few years since they were replaced. If they are sagging away from the house, or you notice rusty spots or holes, it may be time to replace them. Rainwater won’t drain effectively from damaged or old gutters which may result in costly damage to your home.

The roof is the single most important exterior feature of any home. If the roof on your home is old, or you have damaged or missing shingles, don’t put off replacement. The effects of a damaged roof can remain hidden for a long time, but can be expensive to repair. Consider a wind, fire and hail resistant Davinci roof and forget about roof maintenance for good. And with more than 50 colors combinations, you can choose an attractive roof that will add immeasurable curb appeal to your home.

This is a memorable time to say the least. Why not mark it with a lasting improvement to the gutters, siding or roof of your home! Call the Rooferees today for an estimate!