Need New Gutters?

The Omaha Metro area has seen a significant amount of rain in recent weeks, particularly in recent weeks. How did your gutters perform with the heavy rain that came down fast overnight?

If you did not get a chance to clean your gutters before the heavy Spring rains, there is a good chance they aren’t performing as well as they should. Leaves, sticks, and debris may have collected in the gutters over the winter, and that could become a problem with heavy rainfalls.

Did you notice rain flowing over the tops of the gutters, or downspouts that weren’t able to keep up with the flow?  Inspect your gutters and look for broken brackets, or holes and cracks. Gutters are designed to route water away from your house to prevent damage to the siding or leaking in your house.

Proper drainage of water from your roof is important to prevent damage to your siding or water in your home.

If you notice problems with your gutters, or it is time to replace the gutter or siding on your home, call the Rooferees today!