End of Summer Checklist

The kids have gone back to school, and the weather is starting to feel a little cooler – it is the end of summer! Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer – the end of carefree days, evenings on the deck or the patio, road trips, and visits to the pool.

But the end of summer can also mean a return to a routine. A regular schedule and routine help us focus our priorities, and that can include the projects around the house that you have put off or overlooked. Before the weather turns and we are spending more time indoors, create a to-do list of the outdoor projects that should be taken care of before winter.

When is that last time you paid attention to the gutters on your home? Walk around the perimeter of your house and visually check them – do you notice any holes, are they sagging or broken, do you notice leaves or debris, or even plant growing in them? Now is a good time for maintenance to your gutters before they fill up with leaves that fall from the trees, or ice that freezes from rain and snow.

Check the siding on your home. Do you notice any broken or missing pieces? Do you have hail damage that has gone unrepaired? Do you see gaps or sagging at the seams? These are signs that your siding may need to be repaired or replaced, especially if it is older.

Finally, if your roof is older, or in need to repairs or replacement, don’t wait any longer. Winter weather can be brutal and unpredictable. If your roof is damaged, you risk exposing your home to serious damage from winter weather, and its often impossible to replace a roof during the winter.

If the gutters, siding, or roof on your home need to be repaired or replaced, add to your to-do list to call the Rooferees. It’s not too late to your exterior home projects completed before winter arrives!