Boys & Girls Club of Omaha

The Rooferees have been busy helping an organization that does a lot of good for the community.

B&G Carter LakeThe Boys & Girls Club of Omaha has been closed for several weeks because of COVID-19. The agency has taken advantage of the quieter days to complete some necessary projects around their campuses, including a new roof at the Carter Lake location.

The roof is a Firestone flat roof. Firestone roofs are inspected by a Firestone inspector after, providing another layer of confidence in the installation and quality of the roof. The Rooferees have installed a record number of flat roofs this year, and we enjoy partnering with Firestone.

We will be wrapping up the project soon. We are just finishing up work on the new gutters and the facility will be ready to go when the kids are able to return.

The Rooferees are proud to be able to support The Boys & Girls Club of Omaha. It is a small token of our appreciation for the wonderful service they provide to youth in our community.