Time to Clean the Whirley Birds from Your Gutters

If you have maple tree in or near your yard, you have probably noticed that the whirley birds, or helicopters, have started to fall. Their thin tails allow them to spin and spiral downward – and carry them a few yards away!

Your yard, sidewalks, deck and patios may be blanketed with the seeds. As you are cleaning them, consider this – there is a good chance they didn’t all make it to the ground, and several are probably stuck in your gutters!

If the pesky seeds have collected in your gutters, they will form a clog and prevent rain from properly flowing through the gutters. Clogged gutters will lead to rain spilling over the sides of the gutters, damaging the siding and window frames on your home.


If they aren’t cleared from the gutters, the whirley birds will become wet and heavy. The extra weight can cause the gutters to pull away from the house, making them less effective and potentially damaging your home.

And as crazy as it sounds, wet whirley birds can actually sprout a tree in your gutter. As you walk or drive through your neighborhood after it rains, look for small trees growing out of gutters. This is a problem you definitely do not want!

Now is a good time to clean the whirley birds from your gutters. The Rooferees do not recommend climbing on a wet roof. It is easiest to do this when they are dry when you can use your hands to remove the clumps. You can use a hose to flush out any that are remaining to ensure your gutters are clean and ready for spring and summer storms.

Call the Rooferees if you would like more information about replacing your gutters, or adding gutter screens to your gutters so you can avoid this situation in the future!