We’ve got the answers for your HOA’s

As many have learned, working with Home Owner’s Associations can be a downright pain. Many HOA’s have a list of rules a mile long, making homeowner compliance a challenge. This can be especially challenging when it comes to the governance of roofing materials. Many HOA’s specify more than just the material type or color, but also have restrictions based on the wind rating of shingles. Add the ongoing innovations to roofing materials and the ever evolving insurance standards, homeowners have a lot to consider when addressing their roofs.

Every shingle is currently is rated for wind resistance. This means that the shingle is expected to withstand gusts up to the wind rating. Many common shingles are rated between 40—60 mph. In some instances, HOA’s will have restrictions on the minimum weights allowable for your neighborhood. Obviously, this is to help prevent shingles from flying off your roof in stormy weather, but often can be limiting for homeowners. Typically, the higher rated shingles come with a higher cost, and many roofers may not have the appropriate weights and colors for your neighborhood.

As the #1 Davinci Roofscapes installer in the country we carry a wide variety of items and have worked with so many HOA’s in the area that we are confident we can help you resolve any issues that arise. Contact the Rooferees and we can help you make the right call.