Time to Winterize Your Home

We have been enjoying a mild Fall season, but we know winter is coming. Take advantage of the warmer temperatures now to prepare your home for the winter weather.

Start with the roof. Walk around the perimeter of your house, or use a ladder if it is safe, checking for the following:

  • Look for any loose, missing or broken shingles that need to be replaced
  • Remove leaves or branches that have fallen onto the house. Consider trimming low branches that are hanging over the roof
  • Check areas where the roof meets the chimney, walls, vents or pipes and make sure the flashing is in good condition.
  • Call the Rooferees today if you notice significant damage to your roof or if you are concerned that it may need to be replaced.

Preventing water from entering the house is extremely important, so ensuring your gutters and downspouts are in good condition is essential.

  • Removes leaves, sticks and debris from the gutters. Free-flowing gutters are necessary to avoid costly damage when water freezes.
  • Check downspouts to ensure they are securely connected at the elbow, and the water is draining at least six feet from your home to avoid water leaking into your basement and causing damage.

Here are a few other areas on the exterior of your home to check:

  • Check the windows and sidings for any gaps or separations. You want to keep that warm in and cold air out!
  • Shut off the water to the exterior hookup and drain any excess water to avoid frozen and cracked pipes. Don’t forget to detach the hose!
  • Pull debris, leaves and plants away from the foundation to prevent water from becoming trapped and freezing along the house, which can lead to leaking when it melts.
  • Install a guard over drafts in exterior doors to prevent energy loss.

It’s hard to avoid Old Man Winter, but a few precautions now will make winter a little more bearable!

winter home image