The Rooferees to be Featured in Her Home Magazine

Winter is not the ideal time to install a roof, especially when homes are covered in snow! In fact, the Rooferees don’t recommend installing a new roof in temperatures below 50 degrees. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t keeping busy!

Trent Lovewell, our DaVinci Roofing expert, recently hosted a Lunch & Learn to a national blueprint supplier based in Omaha. Weatherguard Inc. is the #1 installer of DaVinci roofing in the country and the only DaVinci Master Contractor in Nebraska. Trent knows all the ins and outs of DaVinci materials. He knows all the benefits of a DaVinci roof ranging from durability, wind and fire resistance, and insurance premium benefits, and he is the expert when it comes to helping homeowners select the design and color combinations of materials to match your home.

We also learned some exciting news – Weatherguard Inc. will be featured in the upcoming issue of Her Home Magazine, a magazine dedicated to building and remodeling insights. Here is a small excerpt from the article we will be featured in:


Her Home also spoke with Trent Lovewell of Weatherguard, Inc.  Lovewell’s company installs all kinds of residential roofing, but for high performance, his customers usually choose DaVinci Roofscapes.  Weatherguard has installed more than 400 DaVinci roofs.


“DaVinci roofing comes in two styles, shake shingle and slate tiles,” Lovewell explained, “but they are a synthetic material which is basically plastic resins and rubber.  That composition creates roofing that’s much more durable than either cedar shakes or natural slate and carries a Class 4 hail impact resistance rating – the best in the industry.  They are also designed to withstand 150+ mile per hour winds and unlike cedar, they don’t burn.”


According to Lovewell, 80% of the time, he’s dealing with “her”.  “Men often don’t want to get involved in selecting the roofing, or simply don’t have the time.  Most of the ladies I talk to want to be involved.  DaVinci offers 49 standard colors or can custom match any color the customer wants, and we sometimes blend complimentary colors.  The look of the roof, and what other people will say, is important to her, and can positively affect resale.” 


Pick up a copy of Her Home next month – and we will be sure to share a link to the story here! If you would like to schedule a Lunch & Learn with the Rooferees, contact Trent at or 402-557-5714 to schedule a presentation at your office – lunch is on him!