Spring Gutter Clean-Up

After the long, cold winter, we are always anxious to get outside. The weather this weekend looks good enough to get a jump start on some spring clean-up around the yard.

The Rooferees recommend you check your gutters, especially if you did not get a chance to clean them out before winter set in. Leaves, stick and debris may have collected in the gutters over the last few months, and that could become a problem as heavy spring rains start.

While you are cleaning the gutters, look for broken brackets, or holes and crack in the gutters. It is important to make repairs to gutters before the heavy rains begin. Gutters are designed to route water away from your house to prevent damage to the siding or leaking in your house.

While the calendar says spring, and the temperatures have stayed above freezing, the ground has not yet completely thawed from the winter. So proper drainage of water is even more important.

If you notice problems with your gutters, or it is time to replace the gutter or siding on your home, call the Rooferees today!

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