Safe Holiday Decorating


If your holiday decorating includes exterior lights, we have a few safety measures to keep in mind before you climb the ladder!

·         Check the lights before you climb the ladder to make sure they work: Nothing is worse than going to the trouble of hanging lights only to discover they don’t work when you plug them in!

·         Always use a safe ladder or scaffolding: Test your ladder to ensure it is sturdy,  and make sure it is tall enough for you to safely reach the ultimate location.

·         Safety is key: Do not climb on wet roofs, or a roof with a steep pitch. Leave that to the professionals!

·         Secure the lights with insulated hooks: Never use nails, tacks, screws or staples which can permanently damage roofing, gutters or siding. Insulated hooks can also reduce fire risks due to frayed wires.

·         Secure lights tightly: Make sure the strand are secure against the house and secured with hooks to withstand the wind.

·         Avoid 7-volt bulbs or higher:  Larger bulbs can get too hot and overheat, potentially resulting in a fire

·         Clear gutters of dried leaves: If you are hanging lights on or near gutter, make sure there are no leaves. One of the most common causes of house fires is bulbs getting too close to dried-out leaves, particularly in gutters.

·         Use exterior usage lights only: Interior lights are not designed to withstand the weather

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If your holiday lights have already been hung, we have a few safety precautions to keep in mind:

·         Turn off exterior lights when you leave the house or go to bed: Set a timer so lights will go off when you go to bed, or are not at home

·         Remove lights safely: Do not pull lights down by the wire, you should climb the ladder again to remove lights from the hooks to prevent damage to gutters or siding

·         Double check roof and gutters: If there is snow or ice that wasn’t there when the lights were hung, check for damage to shingles or gutters.

·         Safety first: Just as with hanging the lights, don’t climb on a wet roof or unsteady ladder to remove the lights.


Pay attention to your roof and gutter when hanging or removing lights. Make note of issues such as loose or broken shingles, or cracked or sagging gutters, and give us a call at Weatherguard Inc. We can repair roofing, siding or gutters before they become a bigger problem!

Following these precautions can help you avoid a potential disaster, and make your home the envy or the neighbors or the destination of holiday lights tour.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Weatherguard Inc.!