Roof Damage from Spring Thaw

It’s March, the temperatures are warming, the snow is melting, and the sun is out – Spring is almost here!

We are all happy to see the snow and ice melt away, and signs of green peaking out in lawns and gardens.

But the thaw might reveal some hidden problems. Ice dams occur as snow and ice melt during the day, and then refreeze at night. While you may not have noticed them when they were covered in snow, you will likely notice the damage they leave behind when the ice melts for good.

As the snow melts off your roof, here are a few things to look for on the roof:

  • Leaves and sticks that have been covered in snow may have formed a trap for ice, so check for damage under the debris.
  • Check the flashing on your roof. The melting ice can dislodge the flashing, potentially leading to leaking spots underneath.
  • If you notice leaking inside, a likely source might be a crack in the sealant around the chimney or a pipe.
  • An older roof membrane is more susceptible to cracking caused by freeze-thaw cycles, like the one we recently experienced. This can lead to leaking inside.

And don’t forget about the gutters. The weight of ice in gutters, especially if leaves and debris were left in the gutters last Fall, can cause the gutters to sag and pull away from the house. This can cause the water to drain improperly, leading to damage to the siding and foundation.

Call the Rooferees if you need new gutters or a new roof. We are here to help, but our Spring schedule is filling up quickly!