Lunch & Learn with the Rooferees

When we aren’t replacing roofs, siding, and gutters, the Rooferees are staying busy educating the community and our partners at Lunch & Learn gatherings! Last week, Trent Lovewell presented to the Omaha Executive Association about roofing trends, and the continued increase in costs and demands for products.

Weatherguard Inc. is the only a member of the DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor Program and the #1 installer of DaVinci roofs in the country. In addition to being a DaVinci roof expert, Trent Lovewell, vice president of business development for Weatherguard Inc., completed the accreditation process with the American Institute of Architecture (AIA).

Trent’s Lunch & Learn presentation features some of the more than 400 roofs that Weatherguard Inc. has installed in the Omaha area. As the #1 DaVinci installer in the country, the Rooferees have installed more roofs than any other installer. We are the experts when it comes to choosing a color combination from the nearly 50 color options.

Trent and the Rooferees are experts when it comes to industry trends. We work hard to combat the rising costs of materials by finding quality materials at bulk rates so we can minimize the cost to our customers. We believe the best way we can serve our customers is by using quality materials and excellent installation to give you a roof that will last.

Lunch and Learn participants learn about DaVinci’s lifetime guarantee, as well as the many benefits of a DaVinci roof, including their class 4 impact resistant rating, fade and fire resistance, and the green features. Not only does a DaVinci roof last much longer than asphalt or shake, eliminating the need to replace it frequently, but the company is committed to reducing waste by recycling leftover or expired materials.

We have so much information to share about DaVinci roofs, and the value they add to any structure. Builders, architects and designers have an opportunity to ask questions, see samples of the materials, and learn how they can bring additional value to their clients. If you would like to schedule a Lunch & Learn with the Rooferees, contact Trent at or 402-557-5714 to schedule a presentation at your office – he’ll bring the coffee or lunch!