Don’t Worry if You Are Still Waiting For a New Roof!


If you are waiting to replace a roof that was damaged in a summer storm, here’s a word of caution – you might be running out of time to have the roof safely replaced before winter.

What does that mean? Proper installation of an asphalt roof requires proper conditions – temperatures above 50 degrees, dry, and ideally sunny. If the surface is wet or the temperatures are too cool, the shingles will not properly seal and an improperly sealed roof may actually be worse than a storm-damaged roof. If the roof doesn’t seal, dust and dirt can blow up under it, and it will never properly protect your home from the elements.

Unless your roof is leaking, don’t worry, you have time to replace the roof.  You may be concerned because the check issued by your insurance company for replacement costs has an expiration date. Simply call your insurance agent and ask for an extension. Your insurance agent is aware that many roof installations will be delayed until Spring.

Weather is not the only factor contributing to delays. The large volume of roofs damaged in summer storms, as well as the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, have caused a nationwide shortage of many varieties of shingles. Back orders of many materials will delay roof installations, even if we are fortunate to experience ideal weather conditions for the next several weeks!

If your roof is leaking, call the Rooferees today for immediate attention.