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  • Familiar Voice is the New Spokesperson for the Rooferees

    25 Nov 2019 | Blog In the news

  • Weatherguard Inc. would like to welcome Kent Pavelka as a Rooferees spokesperson.

    Kent Pavelka 2Kent has been the voice of Husker basketball for decades, and he is a well-known – and well-respected – sports announcer in Nebraska. We couldn’t think of a better person to help us spread the message about our trusted, reliable service.

    You may have heard our commercials with Kent sharing advice for homeowners who were denied a claim for damage to their roof from a storm.

    If your neighborhood was hit by a hail storm this summer, and your insurance company denied your claim, consider getting a second opinion. If you see damage to your gutters or vehicles, or your neighbors got a new roof, it is likely your roof was damaged. It is your right to get a second opinion. A damaged roof left unrepaired will lead to problems down the road so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

    Stay tuned for more from Kent and the Rooferees!